Bettina, Germany Avatar

Ich Werde Ganz Sicher Nochmal Zum Channeln Kommen. Ich werde ganz sicher nochmal zum Channeln kommen. Ich glaube, schon das erste Mal hat viel dazu beigetragen, dass sich mein Leben gerade sehr positiv verändert.

Bettina, Germany
Simone, Germany Avatar

Es War Der Knaller, Ein Richtiger Flash Gruppen Channeling Abend, April 2018 Feedback:
Am Sonntag habe ich mich sehr wohl gefühlt und werde diese Begegnung niemals vergessen. Das war unheimlich intensiv und eindrucksvoll.

​Einzelsitzung Feedback 23.02.2019:
Ich war nun das zweite Mal bei Mark / One und hatte nun eine Einzelsitzung gebucht.

Es war verblüffend welche Antworten aus Mark kommen, wie One zu mir spricht. Es sprudelt nur so aus ihm raus und zaubert einem Lösungen wie auf einem Silbertablett und ein Lächeln ins Gesicht!

Ich habe so viele neue Erkenntnisse gewonnen, ob für mich selber oder familiär. Es war der Knaller. Es war ein richtiger Flash.

Vielen, vielen Dank!

Simone, Germany
Ciara, Northern Ireland Avatar

It Totally Affirmed What I Knew to Be True for Me I was blown away by the channeling on Saturday. It totally affirmed what I knew to be true for me and consequently renewed my courage, passion and patience required for the path ahead.

Thank you so much, Mark and One. I would happily encourage others to avail of a session with Mark/One as I am confident that they would find it equally beneficial

Ciara, Northern Ireland
Simone, Germany Avatar

One Conjures Up a Solutions and Delivers Them on a Silver Platter I was my second time meeting Mark and One but my first time booking a private session.
It was amazing what answers came from One as they were speaking to me. The answers just gush out of Mark and One conjures up a solutions and delivers them on a silver platter that put a smile on my face!
I have gained so many new insights, whether for myself or for my family. It was the blast. Very Insightful.
Thank you so much!

Simone, Germany
Anastasia, Belarus Avatar

I Felt a Lot of Release Happened and Aha Moments I want to thank Mark for the work he does and the patience he has. It was my first ever channeling session and will be an experience to remember on my spiritual journey.

The session with One was very profound to me and I did not expect it to be that way. So instead of receiving a session of answered questions, One led me through deep inquiry and energy healing session, working with my stuck emotions and educating me on personal power of choosing how to feel.
I felt a lot of release happened and aha moments on the level of embodiment.

I recommend Mark to anyone seeking not only answers but also hands-on solutions.

Anastasia, Belarus
Patricia, Ireland Avatar

I Really Didn’t Know What to Expect but I Was Blown Away... At first, I really didn’t know what to expect but I was blown away when I asked about a specific situation that I was in. First of all One gave a clear and precise description of the situation and then explained how I should deal with it. It all made such perfect sense and yet I couldn’t see it until One spelt it out for me.

I had a profound channeling session with Mark and One. I felt very safe and trusted in the advice that One gave me.

Thank you, Mark and One for your guidance. I wish you the very best in the future.

Patricia, Ireland
Sanne, Netherlands Avatar

Thank You So Much for This Transformative Experience I really want to thank, Mark for the beautiful long channeling session I received.

We dove really deep into the subject of manifestation and how we can create from the heart. The session was very beneficial for me and gave me great insights into how I can move forward in life and especially in my career.

During and after the meeting I felt significant shifts in my energy field, and my heart opened up more.

Thank you so much for this transformative experience!

Sanne, Netherlands
Cristina Ruxandra, Romania Avatar

I Recommend It with All My Heart I had a pretty wonderful experience channeling with Mark. He is so kind, the communication flows and it makes it all easy. Besides that channeling it is indeed very helpful and full of answers.

I recommend it with all my heart.
Thank you, Mark!

Cristina Ruxandra, Romania
Ashley Marie, Ireland Avatar

Mark Has an Amazing Gift Mark has an amazing gift. He has a fabulous personality and makes 'One' feel at ease. Through this healing from Mark, I learned a couple of things. How to deal with day to day life an easier way, and that is to live in the present and Be present. Take each day as it comes.

Mark and Lisa together are an amazing couple. Totally recommend them both.

Ashley Marie, Ireland
Ashley, South Africa Avatar

Actual Results! Amazing!!! Channeling by One via Mark is simply put brilliant!

I come from a background of spending time with psychologists who simply want to put me on happy pills or life coaching.

This channeling is like a hot knife cutting through butter. Straight to what it is you need, pointing you in the right direction, less all the fluff and “ Let’s keep you as a paying customer”.

Actual results! Amazing!!!

Ashley, South Africa
Martina, Sweden Avatar

It Was So Much More Than I Expected Thank you so much for the channeling session! It was wonderful. It was so much more than I expected.

Watching the replay was like doing it again! I enjoyed it a lot and would recommend it for anyone who is seeking some guidance and inspiration.

Have a wonderful day!

Martina, Sweden
Michele, Pennsylvania, USA Avatar

The Guidance Was Clear and Simple and Perfect for Me! I have had other channeling sessions in the past and have to say that Mark Anthony Irwin and One delivered an amazing channeling experience.

I was made to feel comfortable and settled into the session easily. I loved how so much came through for me based on only one main question that I had. The information was so spot on and opened me up to realize I have nothing to fear going forward. The guidance was clear and simple and perfect for me! It felt as though whatever was blocking me has been cleared and I'm ready to go!

I also have to say the recording of my session that I received is invaluable because I can go back and review, either just to recharge myself or maybe even pick up on some bits of conversation I may have missed or forgotten.

I highly recommend Mark Anthony Irwin and I'm so happy I decided to do this! Thank you, Mark and One!

Michele, Pennsylvania, USA
Bettina, Germany Avatar

I Believe That This Has Contributed Greatly to My Life I will definitely come back to the group channel evening again. I believe that this has contributed greatly to my life and created a very positive shift.

Bettina, Germany
Dragos, Romania Avatar

All the Information Resonated with Me and It Created a Fire In My Belly The session with Mark and the One was very useful. I had a few questions that got answered as the conversation went on. All the information resonated with me and it created a fire in my belly to go on my path.

Since then I have more confidence and have taken more action in this direction.

Recommend for everyone to try. It is legit and working.

Dragos, Romania
Simone, Germany Avatar

That was Incredibly Intense and Very Impressive It was the blast on Sunday, a real flash. I felt very good and I will never forget this encounter. That was incredibly intense and very impressive. (group channeling evening feedback)

Simone, Germany
Ben, Ireland Avatar

The Experience Changed Me and Made Me Look at Things Differently My experience with Mark and One, the spiritual counsellors who he channels, was fantastic. The experience changed me and made me look at things differently.

If you haven't booked a spiritual counselling session with Mark and One... what are you waiting for?

Ben, Ireland
Tess, Tennessee, USA Avatar

The Guidance Was Simple but Profound I want to thank Mark so much for the amazing channeling session. It was filled with so much love and exactly what I needed to move forward. The guidance was simple but profound and made me see how easy it was to embrace confidence and let go of self-doubt.

It was exactly what I needed to live a confident creative life, which I’ve been enjoying ever since.
I would highly recommend it!

Tess, Tennessee, USA