Do You Want To Overcome Life Challenges, 
Break Free Of Limiting Beliefs & Reconnect 
With The Fullness Of Who You Really Are?

Ask yourself...
What is it costing me (emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually), 
to continue to 
struggle like I do, day after day, without an end in sight???

Be honest with yourself !!!

If the answer is, "more than I am willing to accept", do yourself a massive favour
and WATCH THE VIDEO below to discover how spiritual counselling can
help you create real lasting positive change in your life regardless of the challenges you face.

*100% Risk Free / Cancel or Reschedule anytime

I had a fantastic session with One that brought me a lot of answers in my life! If you didn’t book a session yet… what are you waiting for?

Ben Bugnicourt, Cork City, Ireland

I really want to thank, Mark for the beautiful long channeling session I received. We dove really deep into the subject of manifestation and how we can create from the heart.

The session was very beneficial for me and gave me great insights into how I can move forward in life and especially in my career.

During and after the meeting I felt significant shifts in my energy field, and my heart opened up more.

Thank you so much for this transformative experience.

Sanne Ham, The Hague, Netherlands.

I was blown away by the channeling on Saturday. It totally affirmed what I knew to be true for me and consequently renewed my courage, passion and patience required for the path ahead. 

Thank you so much, Mark and One. I would happily encourage others to avail of a session with Mark/One as I am confident that they would find it equally beneficial

Ciara Mary Clarke, Ireland

Ich werde ganz sicher nochmal zum Channeln kommen. Ich glaube, schon das erste Mal hat viel dazu beigetragen, dass sich mein Leben gerade sehr positiv verändert.

Bettina Helfenritter, Kempen, Germany.

How Do I Book My Life Changing Spiritual Counselling Session? 

Step 1 - Offer and booking overview (This page).

All the information about this free offer including an in-depth explanation of the booking process, how to prepare for and what to expect from a spiritual counselling session is available on this page.

Watch the above video and read all the info on this page before clicking the green, "Yes, I'm In! Reserve my Session" button. 

Step 2 - Are we the right fit for each other?(2 mins.)

Spiritual Counselling isn't for everyone! Please answer the six short questions. this will help both of us decide if we are a 'perfect fit' or a 'maybe later'. It's best to find this out before we waste each other's time.

Complete the short questionnaire on the next page and submit it before this special offer ends.

Step 3 - Your in! Schedule a time for your session.

Once your application has been approved, I will email you within 12 hours. This email will contain a link you can use to easily schedule your session. Your session can be booked anytime within the next 30 days using the calendar provided. No forward and back via email, trying to find a time that works. It's an easy one-click booking system.

We will use which allows you to book online from any device. You will get notified via email right away after booking and get a reminder before the session starts.

*You can also reschedule or cancel your session with one-click too.

Check your email inbox approx.12 hours after submitting your application. You should have received a message from Mark Anthony Irwin or

(It may also have landed in your Spam or promotions folders).

Step 4 - Download the free worksheet.

As a child I hated homework, I would leave it til the very last minute to finish it. Now I'm an adult and still treat important decisions or put off work that has to be done with the same mindset. Can you relate to this?

To overcome life's challenges or to break-through a limiting beliefs is certainly not going to be accomplished by doing nothing. People who do nothing ​stay where they are.

Download and complete the free worksheet. This is your compass, keep it safe! It will help you understand where you stand right now so you can set a course for where you truly desire to be.

Step 5 - It's time for your face-to-face video session. 

For your session we will use Gruveo runs right in your browser, without the need to install plugins or apps or even download software and no account is needed.

It's all about you now so make sure you won't be disturbed. Sit back, relax and open the face-to-face video-call link (which you received via email) on a computer or tablet or phone. 

No login, no downloads, just click. call. done.

Step 6 - Provide an honest feedback

Our agreement is a free session for a feedback. Your feedback is very important as it is a great for you to share with others your overall impression and it also help me to provide a better service.

Please provide a short video or text feedback via Facebook within 48 hours after your session has ended.

*100% Risk Free / Cancel or Reschedule anytime

Gruppen Channeling Abend, April 2018 Feedback

Am Sonntag habe ich mich sehr wohl gefühlt und werde diese Begegnung niemals vergessen. Das war unheimlich intensiv und eindrucksvoll.

Einzelsitzung Feedback 23.02.2019

Ich war nun das zweite Mal bei Mark / One und hatte nun eine Einzelsitzung gebucht.

Es war verblüffend welche Antworten aus Mark kommen, wie One zu mir spricht. Es sprudelt nur so aus ihm raus und zaubert einem Lösungen wie auf einem Silbertablett und ein Lächeln ins Gesicht!

Ich habe so viele neue Erkenntnisse gewonnen, ob für mich selber oder familiär. Es war der Knaller. Es war ein richtiger Flash.


Vielen, vielen Dank!

Simone Ulbricht, Kempen, Germany.