The Journey so far...

Mark Anthony Irwin was born in Cobh, Ireland in 1979, lived there until 2009 when he moved to Germany, where he now lives with his wife, Lisa and sons, Jonas and Theo. A trained Bio-energy and Reconnective healer since 2011, he opened his first healing practice in Freiburg, Germany, helping people heal and find balance in their lives. After the birth of baby Jonas in 2013 Mark decided to become a stay at home Father.

In 2015 life changed completely for Mark Anthony after he underwent a ‘Life between Lives’ spiritual regression therapy, facilitated by Jana Grossmann, a certified Newton Institute Therapist. (Life Between Lives, a deep hypnotic process, developed over many years, designed to reconnect you with your soul self, and your guiding beings and thereby awakening an understanding of your immortal identity.)

A few days later while meditating he began to voice-channel for the first time. A collective consciousness calling themselves ONE, opened a dialogue with Lisa, by asking, “Do you have a question?”. Lisa certainly did and she had many personal questions answered in that first meeting.

It was Lisa’s deep desire to understand more about their life together and the circumstances they shared that called ONE through Mark Anthony. Both Lisa and Mark Anthony experience ONE to be a deeply compassionate, healing energy that is completely focused on helping humans to reconnect again with the fullness of themselves and to rediscover their full potential. ONE sums it up best, “There is always more…”

Lisa facilitates their current group meetings at their home in Kempen, Germany, where people come and ask ONE questions. Courses and Private one-on-ONE meetings, either in person or online are also available and can easily be booked via their website,

All the very best to you.

Lisa & Mark Anthony Irwin