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Do You Want To Overcome Life Challenges, Break Free of Limiting Beliefs and Reconnect With The Fullness Of Who You Really Are?

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Ask yourself...
What is it costing me (emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually), to continue to struggle like I do?

Be honest with yourself !!!

If the answer is, "more than I am willing to accept", then do yourself a massive favour and continue reading to discover how spiritual counselling can help you create real lasting positive change in your life regardless of the challenges you face.

Everyone of us reaches that point in life, a relationship, a career or a personal issue, where we stop and think, “I can’t continue this way, I need to make a change”.

Some of us know exactly what we need to do, but we don’t act; Instead, we allow our fears to hold us back. At best, we agree to take some kind of positive action, but we’ll start tomorrow because you’re too busy right now. At worst, we convince ourselves that it’s best to remain exactly where we are right now and we settle for far less than we know we are capable of.

Some of us can’t see a way out, we feel trapped and powerless. We paint ourselves as victims, allowing others to decide for us and for circumstances we perceive to be outside of our control to dictate what happens to us in life.

Can you relate this???

Change must happen we know this, deep down we crave it, dream about it, even tell those close to us about it.

However, so many of us will continue to ignore its calling. Soon, the negative effects will show up, at first perhaps as headaches, nausea, anxiety or sleeping disorders. Then, as if things couldn’t get worse, varying degrees of depression, physical pain and sickness and disease manifest themselves.

[Fact] A review of 27 studies found that 27% of adult Europeans is or has been affected by at least one mental disorder in the past 12 months. It was also found that the most frequent disorders were anxiety disorders, depressive, somatoform and substance dependence disorders. Mental illnesses are more common than cancer, diabetes or heart disease. Over 26% of all Americans over the age of 18 meet the criteria for having a mental illness. [source: Wikipedia.org]

The good news is…
These [dis]comforts, [dis]orders and [dis]eases are only the symptoms. If we eliminate the root cause, the symptoms will disappear. The root cause is resistance to change and fear of venturing into the unknown.

The bad news is…

It’s difficult to eliminate this destructive force all by yourself. Meditation, mantras, affirmations, positive thinking. attending seminars and reading self-help books only scratch the surface. You need a real change to happen and fast!

What are your options?

Psychiatrists, doctors, medication and wellness retreats are expensive, time-consuming, impersonal and only focus on treating the symptoms rather than the root cause. Do you really want to become another cog in the medical system wheel? Where profits come before people.

There is a much better way that works…

Private Online Video Sessions
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July 2020 Special  - Limited Availability

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Here’s what past clients are saying...

Ciara, Northern Ireland Avatar

It Totally Affirmed What I Knew to Be True for Me I was blown away by the channeling on Saturday. It totally affirmed what I knew to be true for me and consequently renewed my courage, passion and patience required for the path ahead.

Thank you so much, Mark and One. I would happily encourage others to avail of a session with Mark/One as I am confident that they would find it equally beneficial

Ciara, Northern Ireland
Tess, Tennessee, USA Avatar

The Guidance Was Simple but Profound I want to thank Mark so much for the amazing channeling session. It was filled with so much love and exactly what I needed to move forward. The guidance was simple but profound and made me see how easy it was to embrace confidence and let go of self-doubt.

It was exactly what I needed to live a confident creative life, which I’ve been enjoying ever since.
I would highly recommend it!

Tess, Tennessee, USA
Martina, Sweden Avatar

It Was So Much More Than I Expected Thank you so much for the channeling session! It was wonderful. It was so much more than I expected.

Watching the replay was like doing it again! I enjoyed it a lot and would recommend it for anyone who is seeking some guidance and inspiration.

Have a wonderful day!

Martina, Sweden

How Do I Book My Life Changing Spiritual Counselling Session? 

Step 1 - Offer and booking overview (This page).

All the information about this offer including an in-depth explanation of the booking process, how to prepare for and what to expect from a spiritual counselling session is available on this page.

Step 2 - Schedule a time for your session.

We will use Schedule Once which allows you to book online from any device. No forward and back via email, trying to find a time that works. It's an easy one-click booking system.

You will get notified via email right away after booking and get a reminder before the session starts.

You can also reschedule or cancel your session with one-click. Please read the terms and conditions that you will find when booking. They can also be found here.

Check your email inbox after completing your booking. You should have received a message from Mark Anthony Irwin or bookings@reconnectwithyourself.org.

(It may also have landed in your Spam or promotions folders).

Step 3 - Payment (only for premium sessions)

Right away after scheduling a time you will be asked to pay for your session. To do this we will use Schedule Once secure payment system and Paypal to process your session payment. It's very simple and secure​.

*please note if your payment is declined, your scheduled booking will be cancelled and you will have to reschedule your session.

Step 4 - It's time for your face-to-face video session. 

For your session we will use Zoom. It's a very easy to use HD video calling software similiar to Skype, that can quickly be downloaded to any device. It's fast, secure, and allows us to record your session easily.

*please note that you must download Zoom and create a free account  at https://zoom.us before your session begins. 
Estimated time needed: 2-3 minutes.

It's all about you now so make sure you won't be disturbed. Sit back, relax and open the face-to-face video-call link (which you received via email) on a computer or tablet or phone. 

Step 5 - Donation (only for standard sessions)

Soon after your session is over you will be asked to offer a donation for your session. To do this we will use Stripe.com's secure payment system via customdonations.com to process your session donation. It's very simple and secure. Most credit cards and bank payment options are supported. 

*Donations between €1 and €1,000,000 are welcome ;-)

Step 6 - Provide an honest feedback (optional)

Your feedback is very important as it is a great for you to share with others your overall impression and it also help me to provide a better service.
A feedback can be written on the One Facebook page here.

A 2 minute how-to video can be found below: 

Please provide a honest video or text feedback via Facebook  after your session has ended.

Before you book a session, read what past clients have to say about spiritual counselling with One.

Sanne, Netherlands Avatar

Thank You So Much for This Transformative Experience I really want to thank, Mark for the beautiful long channeling session I received.

We dove really deep into the subject of manifestation and how we can create from the heart. The session was very beneficial for me and gave me great insights into how I can move forward in life and especially in my career.

During and after the meeting I felt significant shifts in my energy field, and my heart opened up more.

Thank you so much for this transformative experience!

Sanne, Netherlands
Simone, Germany Avatar

One Conjures Up a Solutions and Delivers Them on a Silver Platter I was my second time meeting Mark and One but my first time booking a private session.
It was amazing what answers came from One as they were speaking to me. The answers just gush out of Mark and One conjures up a solutions and delivers them on a silver platter that put a smile on my face!
I have gained so many new insights, whether for myself or for my family. It was the blast. Very Insightful.
Thank you so much!

Simone, Germany
Patricia, Ireland Avatar

I Really Didn’t Know What to Expect but I Was Blown Away... At first, I really didn’t know what to expect but I was blown away when I asked about a specific situation that I was in. First of all One gave a clear and precise description of the situation and then explained how I should deal with it. It all made such perfect sense and yet I couldn’t see it until One spelt it out for me.

I had a profound channeling session with Mark and One. I felt very safe and trusted in the advice that One gave me.

Thank you, Mark and One for your guidance. I wish you the very best in the future.

Patricia, Ireland

About Mark Anthony and One, the spiritual counsellors who he channels.

Mark Anthony Irwin was born in Cobh, Ireland in 1979, lived there until 2009 when he moved to Germany, where he now lives with his wife, Lisa and two young sons, Jonas and Theo. A trained Bio-energy and Reconnective healer since 2011, he opened his first healing practice in Freiburg, Germany, helping people heal and find balance in their lives. After the birth of baby Jonas in 2013 Mark decided to become a stay at home Father.

In 2015 life changed completely for Mark Anthony after he had a profound awakening experience akin to a NDE (near death experience) During this out of body experience he ventured to the other side of the veil and among many other experiences he reconnected with his soul-self and awakened into an understanding of his immortal identity. Guided by his spirit teacher he was reconnected with five wise beings who collectively and telepathically communicated the most loving and transformational energy and wisdom he ever experienced.

A few days later while meditating he began to voice-channel for the first time. The wise beings Mark had encountered during his awakening experience now communicated through him as a collective consciousness calling themselves ONE. They opened a dialogue with Lisa, by asking, “Do you have a question?”. Lisa certainly did and she had many personal questions answered in that first meeting.

It was Lisa’s deep desire to understand more about their life together and the circumstances they shared that called ONE through Mark Anthony. Both Lisa and Mark Anthony experience ONE to be a deeply compassionate, healing energy that is completely focused on helping humans to reconnect again with the fullness of themselves and to rediscover their full potential. ONE sums it up best, “There is always more…”

Lisa facilitates their current group meetings at their home in Kempen, Germany, where people come and ask ONE questions. Courses and Private one-on-ONE meetings, either in person or online are also available and can easily be booked via their website, www.reconnectwithyourself.org.

July 2020 Special  - L​​​​imited Availability

Instant Booking - Extremely Affordable Pricing

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Here’s what even more past clients are saying...

Michele, Pennsylvania, USA Avatar

The Guidance Was Clear and Simple and Perfect for Me! I have had other channeling sessions in the past and have to say that Mark Anthony Irwin and One delivered an amazing channeling experience.

I was made to feel comfortable and settled into the session easily. I loved how so much came through for me based on only one main question that I had. The information was so spot on and opened me up to realize I have nothing to fear going forward. The guidance was clear and simple and perfect for me! It felt as though whatever was blocking me has been cleared and I'm ready to go!

I also have to say the recording of my session that I received is invaluable because I can go back and review, either just to recharge myself or maybe even pick up on some bits of conversation I may have missed or forgotten.

I highly recommend Mark Anthony Irwin and I'm so happy I decided to do this! Thank you, Mark and One!

Michele, Pennsylvania, USA
Anastasia, Belarus Avatar

I Felt a Lot of Release Happened and Aha Moments I want to thank Mark for the work he does and the patience he has. It was my first ever channeling session and will be an experience to remember on my spiritual journey.

The session with One was very profound to me and I did not expect it to be that way. So instead of receiving a session of answered questions, One led me through deep inquiry and energy healing session, working with my stuck emotions and educating me on personal power of choosing how to feel.
I felt a lot of release happened and aha moments on the level of embodiment.

I recommend Mark to anyone seeking not only answers but also hands-on solutions.

Anastasia, Belarus
Cristina Ruxandra, Romania Avatar

I Recommend It with All My Heart I had a pretty wonderful experience channeling with Mark. He is so kind, the communication flows and it makes it all easy. Besides that channeling it is indeed very helpful and full of answers.

I recommend it with all my heart.
Thank you, Mark!

Cristina Ruxandra, Romania

Great, So You Are Ready To Overcome Life Challenges, Break Free Of Limiting Beliefs & Reconnect With The Fullness Of Who You Really Are, Brilliant!!!

Book Your Spiritual Counselling Session Below

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Pay what you can

Perfect for those of you who are just curious or those of you who would like to pay later based on the value you receive from your session with One.

Together with One, you will explore your personal challenges and learn ways to live the life you truly desire.

  • Channeling  duration approx. 45-minutes
  • Session within 7 days
  • Join anywhere, on any device
  • Secure video meetings with end-to-end encryption and password protection

Consultation Call


In this 15 minute consultation call Mark will answer any questions you have about Spiritual Counselling with One. The focus here is to discover if this is right for you. If you wish to work with One, you can do so immediately by signing up for one or more sessions during the call.

Simply put, this will be a relaxed chat between two people and if we are a good vibrational match, then this will become clear almost immediately. 

  • I will call you on the number you provide
  • Available in all major English-speaking countries. Please contact me  via the contact if you live in a non-English speaking country and would like to organise a free consultation call.
  • Never any obligation on you to sign up for any service offered
  • Guaranteed confidentiality and anonymity

Session are 100% private and confidential - cancel or reschedule at anytime

IMPORTANT: Please double-check your timezone setting before booking. 
The calendar times are displayed in 24 hour format.

Do you have a question, comment or just want to say, "hello"?

Great stuff! The best way to get in touch is to write use the form below. I read every message and do my best to respond within 1-24 hours. Or you can call me on  +49 02152 99291 70

When it comes to customer care, i am  obsessive. So if you don’t hear back from me, that means we didn’t get your message or missed your call so please do try again.

Communications in English or German are welcome

Talk soon
Mark Anthony

Don't wait! Look at what past clients have to say...

Simone, Germany Avatar

That was Incredibly Intense and Very Impressive It was the blast on Sunday, a real flash. I felt very good and I will never forget this encounter. That was incredibly intense and very impressive. (group channeling evening feedback)

Simone, Germany
Ashley Marie, Ireland Avatar

Mark Has an Amazing Gift Mark has an amazing gift. He has a fabulous personality and makes 'One' feel at ease. Through this healing from Mark, I learned a couple of things. How to deal with day to day life an easier way, and that is to live in the present and Be present. Take each day as it comes.

Mark and Lisa together are an amazing couple. Totally recommend them both.

Ashley Marie, Ireland
Bettina, Germany Avatar

I Believe That This Has Contributed Greatly to My Life I will definitely come back to the group channel evening again. I believe that this has contributed greatly to my life and created a very positive shift.

Bettina, Germany

July 2020 Special  - L​​​​imited Availability

Instant Booking - Extremely Affordable Pricing

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